The Abandoned


An intense, immersive experience that takes you through the darkest corners of The Academy. Your team of investigators are led deep into the web of a dark project of unknown origins. This experience uses elements of Escape Rooms, Haunted Houses and Zombie Laser Tag to create a frightening, adrenaline pumping adventure where survival becomes the only goal.

And getting a high score – that’s important too!


  • 45 Minute Experience¬†
  • Explore the Darkness
  • Solve Escape Room Puzzles
  • Find Clues to Score Points
  • Zombie Laser Tag – fight your way through the Quarantine Area
  • 12+ Recommended

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend 12 and up due to the increased intensity of this experience. However if you feel your younger guests can handle it our monsters really aren’t picky.¬†

Yes! We encourage you to get proof of how scared your friends were so they can’t deny it.¬†

Yes. Guests should expect to climb stairs, explore dark spaces and carry light equipment. In the zombie laser tag zone you will be hunted by and shooting zombies outdoors so moving swiftly, ducking and hiding may be necessary.

Wear comfortable, active clothing for the weather. This experience will have indoor and outdoor areas so make sure you’re comfortable and can move around safely and quickly on a parking lot surface.

The experience will continue in light rain so be prepared. If there are heavy rains and the evening is cancelled you will be able to reschedule for another night if possible. If event is sold out you will receive credit good for all of our other activities.