Escape Wapak is an interactive escape game in which you find yourself ‘locked’ in a room, and a story. It’s your mission to find clues, solve puzzles, and discover the key to your escape. However, you have to work quickly because there is only sixty minutes, precisely 3600 seconds, to complete your challenge and escape before all …  is lost.


The Omega Strain

A deadly, man-made virus has been released by a vindictive CEO. On the eve of the black-market sale of the only known cure, your team has only 60 minutes to recover the vaccine. You must find a way to infiltrate the corporate headquarters, complete the assignment, and escape before it’s too late.



Heist for History

Five priceless artifacts have been discovered by a renowned archaeologist, who has recently been put out of commission. Due to her current situation, your team has been contracted by the Museum of Natural History to recover the items before deadly treasure hunters arrive to stake their claim of the antiquities.



Dead Red’s Debt

Captain Red and her crew of unruly pirates have been cursed by the Legendary Emerald of Truth. You and your team have one hour to pay the eternal debts owed to Red’s mates, and retrieve the Emerald of Truth before the curse is permanent. Do you and your crew have the guts to scour the tavern and uncover the secrets of Dead Red’s Debt?


Success Rate 35%

The Secret Room at ArtSpace Lima

A limited edition Escape Room held on weekends at ArtSpace Lima.

This 45 MINUTE mystery unfolds on the 2nd floor of the gallery every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The roaring 20s was a decade of great economic prosperity, and the Rockefeller family’s Standard Oil building stood as Lima’s finest symbol of wealth. But the building was also a source of local intrigue as socialites and power brokers arrived at all hours to attend private parties there. Rumors swirled of mysterious gatherings held somewhere among those walls, though none could confirm it…until now.

A renovation project at ArtSpace Lima has uncovered those secrets and a room, lost for a century, has been revealed. Since its discovery a flood of unusual activity has frightened away many guests to the gallery. On the eve of the biggest event of the year your team of paranormal investigators has been called in to locate the source of the activity and put an end to the chaos.

$20 per Guest / *$4 of every ticket sold will be donated to ArtSpace Lima